The tailgate on this "Demonstrative" 1995 Dodge Dakota was airbrushed freehand in various House of Kolor basecoats and pearls. The eyes were finished off in HOK's Glow in the Dark paint. Scroll below to view the various layers as they were applied.
The proportions of the image were layed out in Yellow basecoat, also using this color for the highlights. Orange pearl , which is somewhat translucent, softens the sharpness of the yellow.
The application of Red basecoat lays the foundation for the depth creating colors that will follow. White basecoat airbrushed ever so lightly rounds off the highlights.
Copper pearl, which is the base for this mural, helps melt back the layers of paint already applied. Light Brown pearl begins the process of creating the darker areas.
Bouncing back to the highlights with some heavy Chrome Yellow basecoat, then Bright White basecoat for some emphasis.
To soften the sharp contrast of the bright White, Lemon Yellow basecoat is applied. Dark Brown basecoat is heavily applied in all the shadow areas.
To complete the total package, Black Basecoat is airbrushed lightly in the shadow areas to add depth to the image. Too much Black can cause the image to appear muddy.
We began with a 1995 Dodge Dakota truck, repaired and did the bodywork, and topped it off with several coats of primer. Wetsanded and prepped the surface for several coats of Black basecoat. Lower portion was taped off and Kopper pearl was applied.
The reptile shredded pattern was masked and airbrushed. This completed the base for the murals to be applied.