The "Wicked" artwork you see is a mirrored image of what Paul has airbrushed on the underside of the tank, right beside the fuel petcock. A nice touch that displays well.

This cover was stretched and molded to accomodate the large coils underneath. Another surface readily available for Paul to work his magic.

"Wicked" indeed!" The owner, Mr. Romeo, went all out on this project. After the rake on the front end, the entire frame and swingarm were molded. Several coats of chameleon paint were applied, along with the graphics. Stretch tanks with aircraft style caps were also molded. Rear fender was custom cut, license plate was frenched in and molded, as well as the incorporation of LED tail and signal lights flush mounted. All to create a sleek rear end for this cool custom creation.

The Wicked Mr. Romeo on his custom built, custom painted Chameleon beauty. By inspecting these few pics you can see the attention to detail payed by Mr. Romeo. From the Ness accessories to solid "Wicked" RC Components wheels, no corners were cut to complete this project.