This Harley Custom Classic belongs to a young lady by the name of Cyndy. She is a certified riding instructor who just happens to love and collect anything and everything "Piggy" related. This explains why she chose this theme for her "Bacon" Full Dresser. Base color chosen for this paint scheme was custom mixed by Paul using four House of Kolor paints. Various amounts of white, gold, hot pink pearls were added to white basecoat to achieve this pigskin shade. Along with a handcarved relief "piggy" face protruding out of the front fairing, an assorted variety of little piggy murals were airbrushed on various surfaces of this Full Dresser. After it's completion, Cyndy rode her "Bacon" clear across the country. "If you ever see my Bacon on a the cops" is what she always says. "My Bacon is no trailer queen